Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my internet speed?
With its simple and easy to check your internet speed.
Simply click the 'Begin Test' button on the homepage and we will begin the calculation of your internet speed, it will locate your server and check the speed of your device with it.
we'll check 2 different parts of your internet speed, that will tell you: - How fast you can upload to the internet - movies, pictures, video calls? - How fast you can download from the internet - view sites and download content?

How to get the most accurate results?
Before testing your internet speed we advise that you: - Restart your computer. - Test your speed while connected with wire and not on WiFi that will add more factors to the test. - Run the test alone without anything open in the background - no games, videos, websites as they will make the test less reliable. - You can also read our speed guide for more details on how to optimize your speed.

Why the upload test doesn't work?
The most common reason for this is your antivirus, it blocks the site from sending packages outside to other sources to protect your device, which is good on most cases.
you can disable the antivirus for the time you wish to test your internet speed and turn it on after you're finished.
If that won't work try restarting your computer.

How does the speed test work?'s speed test and your browser use action based on HTTP protocol, the speed testing program is based on flash and works directly with the server to send and receive information packages.

The download test - within 10 sec maximum we test your computer's ability to download files on different sizes, and calculate it within the time frame for the speed.

The upload test - Works almost the same as download but to the other side of the connection, we send files to the server and calculate the time and speed it takes for it to deliver.

What is Mbps and KBps?
Internet speed is measured by Mbps - megabits per second. 1 megabit contains 1,000 kb (kilobits).
In the same way we measure the speed of your connection.